Welcome to The Book Hatchery

We're creating a collaborative community for committed authors who are publishing compelling books.

Why you're here

You've written a book (or you've got an idea for one), but you're not sure what to do next. 

Invest time, energy, attention, and money in resources and courses, dialogue and collaborate with other authors, learn about your options, and move towards the goal of fulfilling your dream to be a published author! 

Why You Should Join Us

We help authors to understand the publishing process and we connect these authors so they can work together to accomplish their publishing goals. We provide a variety of workshops, courses, groups, and programs.

About Us

The Book Hatchery Hub is a collaborative learning community of authors, established by boutique publisher, Siretona Creative. We help authors prepare themselves and their platforms, polish their writing, produce beautiful designs, and promote their books in order to achieve their goals profit.